One Response to “Katz blasts Queens Dems “old boys club””

  1. Northern Lights 5 June 2009 at 10:57 pm #

    She’s disgusting. She just sold the soul she never possessed like a ponzi scheme, to build a damned ugly building right next to our beautiful Brooklyn Bridge.
    She should talk about old BOYS. How old are Hevesi and Chartier anyway?
    And How old is Stanley Schein, the Real Estate Lobbyist, back room deal maker who got her the BRONX endorsement. look at the people he represents and the people she takes cash from.
    When the Old boys benefit her, she’s just fine with old boys.
    Queens knows better. And that poor kid she drags around like a Charlie McCarthy prop ain’t fooling anybody. Weprin’s got 5 kids. I don’t see him out there parading them around.
    She’s disgusting.

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