One Response to “Clerical error knocks De Blasio off the ballot”

  1. Alex 27 July 2009 at 2:30 pm #

    The following statement is by Alex Zablocki, Republican candidate for Public Advocate, regarding the Board of Elections ruling tonight to kick Councilman Bill de Blasio, candidate for Public Advocate, off the ballot due to a technicality:

    “News tonight that Councilman Bill de Blasio, my democratic opponent in the race for Public Advocate, was kicked off the ballot due to a technicality is further proof that our election laws must be changed in New York State. The petition process, from beginning to end, is a lawyers dream. The rules are complicated and archaic and not only turn off potential candidates who want to run for office, but also prevent access to the ballot for candidates that have few resources. I’ve been saying since day one of my campaign that we have to reform our election laws and allow better access to the ballot. The ruling by the Board of Elections regarding Mr. de Blasio’s cover sheet was based on preset rules; however many other candidates will be denied the right to run for this office because of other technical requirements or petition challenges from opponents. Candidates running for office should not be chosen in the court room. I hope Mr. de Blasio can join with me and pledge, along with the other candidates running for office this year, that if elected, we all work towards reforming our election laws to allow more people to run for office, not force people to fight a broken system of archaic rules. Nobody should be denied the right to run for office and serve the people of our city and state.”

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