One Response to “Boro Dems crossed party lines for Koo”

  1. Jonathan Song 23 November 2009 at 3:06 pm #

    What happened to Stephen Stirling? Even since Stirling stopped writing Articles for the TimesLedger, Articles started biased and awful. Reporters like Conor Adams Sheets needs to do their research before publishing an article. Yen Chou has been in the community for the same length of time that Peter Koo has. Even though, Chou moved into the district last year, so did Koo when he first ran for office (Senate bid agains Stavisky). Both are recognized in District 20. If Sheets states that Chou has a weak voting record, why don’t you take a look a Koo’s. They both a same number of voting records. “Spotty relevant experience” ? Chou was a aide to David Weprin. When Sheets get information about someone else especially during an election year, he should see if the facts are true. You are taking information from two democratic wannabes, one who’s son lost in the primary elections badly and the other who could’nt take the heat and withdrew from the race and insisted that SJ Jung to withdraw from the race during the General Election because he would break up the Democratic vote even though he indeed broke up the Democratic vote by supporting a Republican. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT SIR,

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