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  1. Minister C.J. Di Donna 20 July 2010 at 6:21 pm #

    In September of 2004. I had a similar incident with a traffic
    agent like that experienced by Mrs. Kimberly Puccia.
    At the time, Councilman Tony Avella fired off a letter to Mr.
    Michael Scagnelli who was the Chief of Transportation at 1
    Police Plaza in NYC., who in turn sent my complaint to the
    Commanding Officer/Traffic Manager of Queens North
    Enforcement who after speaking to him by telephone agreed with the traffic agent’s action’s taken against me. In other
    word’s. It’s the law and people like Mr. Yearwood (who in my opinion is an arrogant and insensitive man) does not care if a concerned mother like Mrs. Kimberly Puccia (who was only waiting to make sure that her child got into the dance school building safely)
    receive’s a ticket by one of his Traffic Agent’s under his command.
    A word of advice to Councilman Dan Halloran. Daft a bill to establish a Citywide Civilian Complaint Review Board to investigate complaint’s by the citizen’s of our city against the like’s of Traffic Agent Daniel Chu etc.
    I hope that my brief letter will answer the question made by Councilman Halloran has., as to why after all these year’s “no action has been taken”.

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