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  1. David 10 May 2011 at 2:07 pm #

    1. The U.S.A. Groverment Max Cap.No.1( A Limit) is soon as possable, By:Starting Soon to Spcial Date of the New Year begins soon; as 01/01/2013 A.D Should be earler too! Maxium Cap Limit is 5000.(01) F.F.L.s Retailers Busineses too! 2.States Grovernents: our 50 States is divided by number of Gun Dealers in the U.S.Groverment level to Agreed! First!! Answer is: Number of (01) Regular F.F.L.s Dealers Retailers Busineses too! Is Limited Cap No#2 is 100 (01) F.F.L.s is Maxium Limit too! No extras not to be added too! Reason is: To Reduiced Street Gun Crimes of Street Ganges Criminals Groups in Cities,Townships, towns in all the 50 States too! Agreed!! No extras F.F.L.s Appl will not be issued in Federal Level in U.S.A. Or the State Groverments Level of all 50 State to, is included too! And State Licences is issued by the all the Counties of all 50 States to true! will follow This order of Strick Controlls on Federal Firearms Licences for all Retailers Gun Dealers in huge Numbers too! will be no more too! This will lower City, Townships,Towns,ordances by the Chiefs of Police too! They will be in charged of all Class-01 Licences only too! Not the Class-03 is Title-1,N.F.A. Licences is a (09) is a Tax Stamp on it too! They will applyed at the Outlet were the A.T.F. Office in Federal Building only is to Get the Class-03 Title-1 N.F.A. (09) Licence Applications only too! By all the 50 States inj all Federal Buildings only too! Agreed!! Reason is Stricker Controlls on all Class-03 & Class -02 For Import & Export Regular Copanies Corp.co> I.N.C. Co. only too! Agreed! Not for Regular Gun Dealers Busineses is off Limits too! (All the (01) & (09) Class-03 Fullauto”s Dealers to is off Limits:) on Type-08 & O11/ is a, Class-02 rating only too! an Mfg Licences too! Agreed! is for Licences Applications too! Regular Corp. Company I.N.C Companys Distribors co>s Or Mfg Gun Copanies Also is Class-02 is Regular Mfgs is: Ammo Mfg is (06) Regular Firearms Mfg is a (07) too! The Class-02 is (010) is Machine Gun Mfg Plant regular Companie Mfg of Machines too! True!!

  2. David 3 February 2011 at 4:21 pm #

    1. There Should Be Tighter Regulations Rules of Limits on Class-03,Licences of (09)to only Tighter Regulations needed Better rules Needed for : N.F.A.Rules Applyed to:Title-1 Licences is off Limits to Regulars Gun Dealers Busineses too! 0.99 % Can”t be trusted with this Title-1 N.F.A. Class-03 Applications is (09)Licences only is: Title-1 N.F.A. Rules Restricted by all Means too! None will be issued no more too! Agreed!!! 2. The Regulars Gun Mfgs is Ammo & Firearms Busineses too! Is,off Limits of any Pertaining to Automatic Weapons Mfg Licence is Restrictive only to for any of;Title-1,is (010) Licence is Fullauto”s Mfg Busineses Licence only agreed!!! Is Class-02 only;is N.F.A. Rules do Applyed too! The Rules do applyed too! Off Limits!!! Note only Clas-02 Mfg is N.F.A.(010) Title-1 Busimeses Co. Mfg Fullauto”s Weapons only Apply for a Extention of Another Licences is Rated is Class-02 Title-1 is N.F.A. Licence: Import& Export of Title-1 is N.F.A. (011) Licence only too! only too! No Class-03 Title-1 is N.F.A. Class-03 Regular Class-03 is (09)Lawenforcement Dealer of a: Licence Dealers Retailers is off Limits to ( Class-02 ) Applications not to issued too! Is (011)& (010 Title-1 N.F.A. Class-02 Licences off Limits to All Class-03 Dealers Retailers Busineses too! Denied for thoses Licences Class-02 is (011)& (010) too! Agreed!!! By A.T.F. rules do Applyed too! Agreed!!! Thankyou,

  3. David P.Curcione 25 January 2011 at 4:12 pm #

    1. There is grand Total of (01)Regular Gun Dealers is overal is 37,972 01 Dealers in the U.S.A. too! is left today in 01/25/011 a.d too!

  4. David 25 January 2011 at 4:07 pm #

    The U.S.A. National Federal Groverment Limit of Number of (01) Regular Gun Dealers is Maxium Number Limit is (5000)(01) is Cap Number Limit too!Will be Enforced by the Federal Agents to by A.T.F.E.A. Division too! I Agreed!!! No Extras Applications added too! Agreed! It will Stop Gun Crime way down too! I agreed!!! It is time to do it now ! The State Groverments: Is 50 States Will be a,Cap number Limit is (100)(01) No Extras Applicationsof: (01) F.F.L.s Retailers Dealers Busineses Number Limit is a Enforced By,Sheriffis Dept. State Licences to sell all Firearms at State Level to; of country Level of Grovermrnt too!And the State Police ot Highway Patrolled Police of the States as well too! Soon too!!! Reason is This will cut crime by (0.95 % cut off

  5. Steve 21 January 2011 at 1:08 pm #

    The description of Federal law in this article isn’t accurate, any person “engaged in the business” of selling firearms must have an FFL. If a person carries on selling firearms in the manner described in the article (i.e. clearing their inventory) they commit a serious offense.

    18 USC 922(a)(1)(A) – yes it’s the very first subsection of prohibited acts under the Gun Control Act – not exactly obscure.

    ATF used to have a numerical limit of a few guns a year, but now they consider it on a case-by-case basis. It’s hard to imagine though how a jury would decide that a gun dealer who has had his license revoked and is still selling off his stock to individuals would not be considered to be: “engaged in the business”.

  6. Harley Benson 20 January 2011 at 7:42 pm #

    In terms of gun legislation as much as the democratic organization mostly isn’t. This proposal on the surface seems to be on spot. As long as there aren’t 500 added asides within the body, and it is just dealing with this issue, then, and only then can it be considered just. But within the laws of local states a dealer can be a consignment dealer, selling private collections for a fee(profit) that do not belong to the inventory of the establishment. If the firearms are on the inventory and not part of a consignment sale, then when the dealer is restricted from selling his stock, the stock should be impounded, or turned over to another licensed dealer for disposal. The other dealer can sell the firearms personaly to the former holder of the license, as long he has committed no crime that would restrict him from private ownership of the firearms in question, and as long as he complies with all state and federal laws as per the ownership and eventual disposition of the firearms.

  7. David 20 January 2011 at 2:51 pm #

    1. There is to many smaller Gun Stores: (01)Retailers Busineses smaller units near: the U.S.A.& Mexican Border; too. is about 2000 Miles Long too! The States are near Mexico Nation is: Californa,New Mexico,Arzonia,Texas States is 4 too! Solution is: Wew need to, cut about 8300 Smaller There is to many smaller Gun Busineses units of total count is (8500) (01) Regulars Busineses Retailers there too! True!!! It will cut the number of Guns Sales down by 0.98 %too! And safe comunity too! The South American & Centraeal Americans Nations how backed up the illegal Smuggle of Druges into the Mexica& U.S. Border of 2000 miles long to true! Wake up American People of the U.S.A, !!! Carteals are resaponable for putting cash the Momey: of ($600.00) to $1000.00 Buying The Glock 9mm SemiPistal, An long Clips units of holds rounds too!! for (Jared Lee Loughner)Truble maker & Start Fights to & Disrupter in collage Classes too! True Mential Problem of bad too! He is not Allowed to buy any Firearms of Revolvers,Semiauto”Pistal too! The Frderal & State Laws say he can”t Trusted with any Firearms of any Kind too!! The Gun Dealers Retailers know this too! They recived a letter from the Lawenforcement Agences too! A warning letter too! This person was insane to; In and out of insatititions Hospitals too! For Medical Treatment too! As a Mential Patient out of Hosipatals too! True!!!true!!! Solution#2 We need cut out bulk Number of(01)Regulars Smaller Busineses all: Gun Dealers is to many of the Smaller Busineses there too. True! We need put a Number cap No# on so many Gun Dealers per each of the:,- -50 States to agreed!! The Renual Fees$$ need to be alot higher also too! Regular (01) Type-01 3 yr Renuals Fee$ (2500.00) an be Fingerprinted for Renuals for a new (01)F.F.Ls Licence to by the A.T.F. too! The Renuals Fee$$ for a State Licence is (1250.00) 3yr renuals Fee each time you applyed for a new one; be Fingerprinted Again by the Sheriffis Dept, of the country you live in what State of residence, in the U.S.A. too! true!! Solutionis: The Maxium Cap limit for 50 States is (200)(01) Regular Retailers Gun Dealers too! P.S. Rules Change is: Near the Mexican& U.S.A. Border of 2000 Miles long too! The maxium cap limit is; 50 (01)Regular Gun Dealers Retailers is the maxium cap limit too! no Extras added (01) Regular Retailers Gun Dealer of Store Fronts & Lots in industrial locations only to agreed!is separted apart block zones too! Fary away from the Residential zones & Comunity zones of Industrial Block areas locations only too! agreed!! were Familes do live in there too! is far away too!

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