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  1. Bernard Rabin 25 March 2011 at 2:29 pm #

    Reuben is a dead beat dad, a owner of an unlicensed construction company, a burglar, the president of two not for profits( Christian Basketball League, New Yorkers 4 life), one of which got a $33,000 state grant from Sen. Shirley Huntley, his former Boss He was her chief of staff. He worked for Leroy Comrie, as a staffer. During his city and state employment the warrants never surfaced, he had at least 5, but there may be more, just under different names. This must make him well qualified to be a council man, after all he reflects what his community is, that is if they are crooks and liars, and deadbeats, and criminals. He is not who I would want to represent me, He should be jailed if for nothing else than for flaunting the law to the extreme. The apartment that the Board of elections people met him in to prove residency was the landlords apartment. The work permits to alter the house weren’t granted until after the election, and according to the mortgage documents this was the landlords primary residence-a one family home. Reuben still lives at his mother’s house in St Al bans- which is outside the district. Once a liar, always a liar. The flawed and unethical councilman. He took a swing at Alan Jennings because Jennings kept calling him a name that in England means cigarette but here is a derogatory name for homosexuial. Maybe the councilman is hiding more than meets the eye, his criminal past isn’t the only thing that Wills has in the closet?

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