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  1. jessie adair 17 June 2011 at 12:12 am #

    I attended the War Dog Memorial Cemetery at Hartsdale Pet Cemetery this past Sunday. At the same event, there were speakers from the Lions Club and Canine Companions for Independence as well as a Pet Adoption program sponsored by various animal shelters.

    I laughed and I cried at the many wonderful stories shared about Hartsdale and the other wonderful animal groups represented.

    But my heart was still heavy, thinking about the news from the week before about the NYS Division of Cemeteries trying to compel Hartsdale to cease its practice of accepting a pet owner’s cremated human remains to join a deceased pet already buried there.

    Today I heard the news that the Division of Cemeteries is considering re-thinking its position. I positively skipped around my kitchen as I listened to the news on the radio and then rushed to my computer to read about the latest development online.

    It appears that the State cemetery authority may have a heart after all, and has heard the passionate outcry by the many people whose final wishes were being ignored by its ruling last week.

    Hopefully they listened and realized that perhaps they misjudged the importance and weight of their initial decision. A person’s choice to be buried with their pet is not a frivolous or lighthearted one. It is a very personal choice that belongs to an individual — and only an individual — not one to be dictated by a governmental body.

    Before I left the memorial ceremony, I walked around the grounds of the beautiful historic cemetery, as I do every time I visit. I try to take a different path each time so that I can enjoy the loving inscriptions on the monuments, many of which also contain photos, etchings or sculptural figures of the pet buried there.

    And then I visited my own beloved pets’ grave. I smiled and winked at Beamer’s photo. “Not to worry, Beamer. I’ll be right between you and Binky!”

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