One Response to “Diaz wants to tackle loans in run for City Council seat”

  1. Gary Carelock 4 September 2011 at 12:49 am #

    As a forty year resident of springfield gardens I have seen the deterioration of my area move at a rapid pace,just in the last few years.The unchecked building and conversion fo one family homes into two and three family rentals has had a devastating effect on quality of life here.The high foreclosure rate is just one of the many negative aspects of a “building boom” that has no restraints in place,parking issues,heavy traffic,higher crime rates and the taxing of basic services are but a few problems I face daily.South Queens has become a dumping ground for any unwanted city facility.The problems with the local junior high school IS231 are too numerous to mention;for the first time in my life I know the phone number of the 105th. precinct by memory,not by choice!

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