One Response to “Astoria residents condemn pharmacy merger”

  1. Thom Gross, Express Scripts 5 January 2012 at 2:03 pm #

    Combining Express Scripts and Medco is an opportunity for two leading pharmacy benefit managers to apply private-sector know-how to solve our country’s biggest healthcare challenge: lowering cost while raising quality.
    By joining complementary strengths, the merger will benefit patients, employers and managed care plans, leading to safer and more affordable medicines.
    PBMs play a central role in healthcare. We drive out fraud, waste and abuse while lowering costs and improving health outcomes. We increase adherence to prescribed medicines, identify and correct prescription errors, and promote cost-effective delivery. Our efforts save billions of dollars and extend millions of lives. In New York alone over the next decade, PBMs will produce $86.1 billion in savings for employer plans plus $49.2 billion for Medicare Part D, according to the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association.
    By lowering healthcare costs for employers, we help boost employment and preserve employee benefits.
    Neighborhood pharmacies have been and always will be essential partners in advancing our mission. More than 60,000 pharmacies of all sizes participate in our retail network, including 90 percent of all independent pharmacies. And contrary to a quote in your article, neither Express Scripts nor Medco is or ever has been affiliated with any large pharmacy chain.
    Express Scripts and Medco have well-established histories of doing what’s right for patients. The merger would accelerate our ability to do even more.
    You might also like to know that Express Scripts, too, is a local business. We employ 354 in the state of New York, most at our prescription processing center in Troy.

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