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Keep big high schools open in city: Lancman

Posted by Howard Koplowitz in Assembly, District 25 on May 12, 2011 | No Comments

State Assemblyman Rory Lancman (D-Fresh Meadows) has only been in office for five years, but he is already dealing with his third governor. Lancman said the culture in Albany, known for its corruption and inability to get things done, has changed now that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has arrived on the scene. “It’s very different,” Lancman [...]

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Stavisky, Meng fight for boro senior centers

Posted by Connor Adams Sheets in Assembly, District 16, District 22, Governor, State Senate on February 24, 2011 | 2 Comments

State Sen. Toby Stavisky (D-Whitestone) and state Assemblywoman Grace Meng (D-Flushing) joined forces with seniors Tuesday at the Selfhelp Benjamin Rosenthal Senior Center? in Flushing to oppose proposed cuts to state funding for senior services that could lead to the closing of as many as 100 senior centers in the city. They met there to [...]

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Hevesi lays out ambitious plan for third term

Posted by Joe Anuta in Assembly, District 28 on December 8, 2010 | No Comments

Forest Hills sent its state assemblyman back to Albany for another two years Nov. 3, and he has a lot of work to do. Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi (D-Forest Hills) has plans to tackle malodorous trains, school bullies and a state budget in the red.


Queens pols continue talks over SUNY bill

Posted by Connor Adams Sheets in Assembly, District 11, District 16, State Senate on August 12, 2010 | No Comments

One of the final sticking points keeping the new state budget from passing in the final days of negotiations was a set of higher education proposals which were left out of the final document. Negotiations continue, however, according to Sen. Toby Stavisky (D-Whitestone), chairwoman of the Senate Higher Education Committee, and a set of workable solutions to some of the most significant problems facing the state’s higher education system may work its way into law when the state Legislature reconvenes in mid-September.


Queens pols divided but far from ecstatic about state budget

Posted by Howard Koplowitz in Assembly, District 11, District 15, District 28, Governor, State Senate on August 11, 2010 | No Comments

State legislators passed a budget four months late and the response from Queens elected officials has ranged from lukewarm approval to outrage.

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Dems blast Paterson vetoes

Posted by Anna Gustafson and Howard Koplowitz in Assembly, District 11, District 15, District 24, District 28, State Senate on July 1, 2010 | No Comments

Queens Democrats criticized Gov. David Paterson’s decision to veto much of the budget passed nearly three months after it was due by the state Legislature Monday, saying it could be a particularly bad blow for borough schools.