U.S. Reps. Bob Turner (l.) and Gary Ackerman

Redistricting dust settles

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Northeast Queens will see significant changes in how the area is represented in state and federal government now that the dust has settled on the redistricting process. Every 10 years, legislative district lines are redrawn to account for shifts in population. This time around, New York state lost two congressional seats after new lines were [...]


Judge set to hear suit on extra Senate seat

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Queens politicians expect a lawsuit challenging the creation of a 63rd state Senate seat to be decided next month, and state Sen. Toby Stavisky (D-Whitestone) will then decide in which district she will run. The suit was filed in January by a group of citizens and state Sen. Martin Dilan (D-Brooklyn), and if State Supreme [...]


Boro lawmaker hopes guv vetoes district lines

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The state Legislature drafted bills for a new set of maps that would define political boundaries in the state Assembly and state Senate for the next decade, but Queens lawmakers were still hopeful Gov. Andrew Cuomo would veto them. An initial proposal for the new lines in the Assembly and Senate was released earlier this [...]


USPS plans to shut College Pt. facility

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A Queens lawmaker is furious that the U.S. Postal Service has decided to close its College Point processing facility and move operations to its Brooklyn location unless Congress comes up with an alternate solution by mid-May. Last week’s decision came after the USPS concluded a five-month study into consolidating processing centers around the country, but [...]

Sunny Hahn attends the Queens GOP’s candidate school last month.

Queens GOP makes push to recruit Asian candidates

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The Queens Republican Party is making it no secret they are looking for an Asian candidate to run in the upcoming 2012 elections. The political organization has been disseminating a flier advertising a “special Asian candidate workshop” set for Feb. 25. The flier is topped with a picture of Uncle Sam saying “The Queens Republican [...]


New lines lambasted for state office seats

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Civic groups, residents and community-based associations from across the borough lashed out Tuesday at the task force that proposed new district lines for state offices during a public hearing on the body’s plan at Borough Hall. When the lines for state Senate and state Assembly seats were unveiled last week, the drawn districts were widely [...]